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Let's see where do I begin!  First -- thank you for stopping by today.  This blog showcases my recent oil works where I am moving from direct representation to ethereal impressionism. 

For the last ten years, I painted botanicals seeking a high degree of realism using color and value to such effect that the viewer felt as though they could pick the stem off the page.  During those ten plus years, I mastered color and learned to mix my own colors using the three primaries.  It also taught me how to compose using negative space and abstract passages.  I exhibited, tutored, and won a few awards!

During lock down as most are calling it, I returned to the Studio seeking to get grounded and drown out all the bad news.  What I discovered in those two months... I absolutely love to paint in oil.  Having the foundation from my botanical works, I began to explore the amazing blending and layering one can achieve in this medium.  My work in oil also draws upon my experience with Decorative Painting in clients homes and again using layers of paint to differentiate the novice from the experienced.

I am now returning to my inner sight and painting the views I treasure here on the East Coast.  I am so lucky to have the lush marsh habitats right here in my backyard and then again in my most happy place, The Outer Banks.  Oh I also love, love clouds!

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you will stop by regularly to see my new works and I will also post those who are looking for a new home!

Thank you again, Linda
Linda Miller
Contemporary Artist